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AIMS Pricing...

AIMS 2017 £2,500 + VAT
AIMS Fine Arts  £2,500 + VAT
AIMS Lite £600 + VAT
AIMS Valuation Module - record valuation items, print Valuations for Insurance/Probate/Valuation and import into AIMS if vender decides to sell at auction.  £200 + VAT
Lot Selling & Photo Display Module - display photos of lots on a TV screen, synchronising with AIMS. £300 + VAT
Installation and Training  £480 + VAT per day
(plus travelling expenses)
Manage Back Office operation on Sale Day  £200 + VAT per member of staff
(plus travelling expenses)
NOTE! All products require Microsoft Access 2003/2007/2010/2013 to be installed on each PC.  Access can be supplied separately or as part of Microsoft Office Professional.  You also need to run the Microsoft update feature to download the latest service patches. Microsoft Office Professional
 £329.99 + VAT per PC

Software Rental Scheme...

We offer a software rental scheme to help spread the cost of buying AIMS.  You pay £500 up front and then £100 per month for 24 months.  After that there is nothing to pay.  If you want to include Microsoft Access and any of the other add-ins or support options then we will adjust the monthly fee accordingly. Please note that this scheme is only open to established auctioneers.


ALL versions are network ready.  The standard license enables you to install on three PCs/laptops.  An additional license is required for each extra PC - cost £99 per PC.  


All packages include 30 day telephone support.  Subsequent support is chargeable at our normal hourly rate.  If you require a long term support contract then we offer a remote access service at £199.99 + VAT per year.  This enables us to log into your PC and resolve any problems remotely across the Internet (requires Internet connection).  We can also provide some limited ‘on to one’ training on-line as part of the cost.

PC’s and Laptops etc.

We can also supply PC’s and leading brand laptops at very competitive prices, together with printers and wireless network equipment.  Please telephone for details.


Gryphon Auction Systems - Auction Management Software, David Palmer and other Freelance Auctioneers