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1Scalextric - '101 Circuits' book (c1960's), and 2 catalogues 7th & 19th editions.  £8 - £15More
2Scalextric hardback book by Rod Green - The Story of the World's Favourite Model Racing Cars.  £10 - £20More
3A 1980's boxed Austin Rover Class Championship set, Metro Turbo by Scalextric. £10£15 - £30More
4A boxed Batman Begins slot cars Scalextric racing set.  £20 - £40More
5A boxed Carrera Go Marvel Heroes Racer set.  £15 - £30More
6Scalextric The Simpsons Skateboard Chase electric micro slot racing game.  £10 - £20More
72 boxes of vintage lead farm animals and scenery. £30£30 - £50More
8A boxed Astra 12" Howitzer. With shells and instructions. £30£30 - £50More
9A collection of boxed & unboxed lead soldiers and models. To include a boxed set of Johilco Life guards, and an Ancient Briton War chariot. £20£20 - £40More
103 Keymen lead football figures. c1970's. George Best, Bobby Charlton, and Billy Bremner. Approx 54mm scale.£28£10 - £20More
11A boxed Orion 3 piece set of lead Napoleonic soldier figures. French Cavalry 1st Regt. Hussars 1806. 54mm scale. £15 - £30More
12A box of vintage lead farm animals and accessories. To include Britains and Hill & Co.  £15 - £30More
13Boxed Britains Farm Building & Accessories Set with boxed farmyard fences. £15£15 - £25More
14A collection of lead soldiers to include Britains.  £30 - £50More
156 books on toys, dolls, & teddy bears. To include Miller's Guide to Teddy Bears £6£8 - £15More
1618 Asterix the Gaul hardback and paperback comic books. £10£10 - £20More
1717 Tin Tin paperback comic books. £22£10 - £20More
18The Complete Book of the Model Aeroplane. Hardback book by Norman G. Taylor. Second (revised) edition 1957.  £8 - £15More
19The Complete Guide to MG Collectibles hardback book by Michael Ellman-Brown. Includes diecast & toy MG cars.  £15 - £30More
20The Lotus Book Collectables - hardback book by William Taylor and Olav Glasius. Includes diecast & toy Lotus cars. £15£15 - £30More
21NO LOT  £0 - £0More
22A small collection of vintage children's books including Brer Rabbit & Roy of the Rovers. Together with some football magazines.  £8 - £15More
23A quantity of c1949-50's comics. Comprising approx. 40 Beano & Dandy comics 1949 to 1950's together with a 1951Mickey Mouse Weekly, The Topper Book, and a sticker album '63 Motor Cars of 1963' (presented with Rover and Adventure). £40£30 - £50More
24A quantity of vintage Enid Blyton cartoon strip books. To include Noddy, Mary Mouse, Mandy, and Mr Tumpty. £15£15 - £30More
2520 vintage Twinkle Annuals from 1971 to 1992.  £15 - £30More

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